search engine optimisation (seo)

how does my site appear in google and the other search engines?

As the internet evolves, the techniques used to optimise web sites are constantly changing and becoming more complex. Part of the process of creating each web site we build involves consulting with you to make sure that the resulting web site is optimised for the key words and phrases that are likely to result in your site being found.

If you already have a site, our team can evaluate your website’s architecture, content and design, in order to make the necessary updates to keep your website ranking well across the  search engines.

usage statistics

Lemoneye monitor each and every visitor to your web space, which means we can help you to  analyse the data that builds up about your visitors. This will quickly show you who these visitors are,  where they are from, how they found you, and even how long they spent looking at your web site during their visit. This kind of information is crucial for you to develop your website into a highly efficient sales or lead generating resource.

Lemoneye uses Google Analytics (installed on all sites we create) to allow you direct access to this information in graphic format too.

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